Hidden Love Letters

A few weeks ago, I saw an infographic on “50 things We No Longer Do Because of Technology.” Here it is from Mozy.s. It dawned on me and a few days later, I came up with this idea of hand written love letters as a Valentine’s gift. When I was younger, I remember spending endless hours on sweet messages, origami decor and handmade gifts. As time flies and work takes over, I rarely spent the time to hand make simple gestures of kindness and love. As technology and social media continues to grow, the sentimental value of tiny acts of handmade things disappear and replaced by texts, emails and emoticons. Fulfilling a throwback moment #41 from the list, I showcase you my nostalgic memory of hand written love letters to my Valentine. What better way to set the mood and hand write 50 days of love letters in tiny pill capsules, by listening to a CD by the Dallas String Quartet (#32 from the list.)

Music to my ears and one love letter at a time.

Happy Valentine’s Everyone!

DSC_0071DSC_0075 DSC_0064 DSC_0062


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