Steak & Kale, “Fontera” style

I came across a box of Fontera tortilla chips at World Market one day. Contemplating whether I should pay extra for Chef Rick Bayless’s lime & sea salt chips or the cheaper Tostitos brand, I settled for the former. Bayless’s chip were hand cut. Did it taste any better than the usual tortilla chips? Not really. The recipes on the box were more impressive  than the chips dipped with salsa. Plus, I figure Tuan would be excited I found these chips in Dallas.

Dilemma strikes, when I didn’t have any taco shells or  corn tortillas at home, plan B comes to mind.

Instead of making grilled skirt steak tacos, I opt to make steak and kale. I used the same marinade that Rick Bayless used for his skirt steak and left it in the fridge overnight. Grilled it up the next day. I then, sauteed the kale with garlic, cracked pepper and salt. Voilà! My steak and kale is done, well more like medium rare. Topped the steak with some fried onions and rang the dinner bell.


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