Kuby’s Mittagessen, a German gem

Located in the quaint Snider plaza in Highland Park, the corner German market/ restaurant is a great place for lunch and breakfast. If you’re in a mood for German food that is.

A selection of sausage plates, which consists of grilled bratwurst, smoked bratwurst, polish sausage, Nuernberger bratwurst, grilled Weisswurst, knackwurst, weinerwurst. It is served with homemade German warm potato salad, seasoned kraut, red cabbage and a pickle. Pretty much everything is sour except for the wursts itself and red cabbage.

I ordered the Hot Reuben sandwich, which came with a side of warm sour potato salad. Yes, I said warm potato salad. It’s made fresh and hot on purpose. Perhaps, its custom to the German culture, but it’s for sure my first encounter. The portion was just right, not too big or not too small. The Reuben didn’t pile miles high like Carnegie Deli in New York, but it tasted pretty similar. It is definitely one the best Hot Reuben sandwiches I’ve had in Dallas, thus far.

6601 Snider Plaza
Dallas, TX 75205


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