Kozy Kitchen

It was a raining this morning, when we decided to go grab some breakfast. Kozy Kitchen, sounds like a cozy place for a rainy day? Unfortunately, that was not the case. The unaligned red canvas artwork against the stark white walls, with black ceilings and low key lighting didn’t quite speak “cozy.” However, that didn’t stop us ordering a mouthful. I ordered the Breakfast Tacos with Challah Toast, while Tuan ordered Egg Whites Omelette with chicken, asparagus and sun dried tomatoes. The Challah Toast was cooked to perfection with a hint of vanilla. It was crispy, doughy and moist in the inside, like a sweet “Texas Toast.” Slap some butter on, and it was heaven. I can’t imagine what the French Challah Toast would taste like, but I hear it’s fantastic as well. All their food is prepared with the freshest ingredients. Overall, our breakfast was delicious.

Now go pretend to be a local and go grab some coffee at the self serve bar!

Kozy Kitchen
4433 Mckinney Ave
Dallas, TX 75205


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