Dim Sum Yum in Philly

Dim Sum Garden, hidden and found behind buses of people transporting from and to NYC. Tons of people crowding around the area, including the homeless, made it a bit hard to find. It’s not your typical dim sum place that has push carts driven by tired chinese people waiting to get rid of their assortment of foods. Instead, there’s a menu and the non speaking English waitress seats you with a menu that has French fries for dim sum. I knew this place would be interesting? Why would yelp reviewers rate this place 4 stars? Curious and hungry I ordered the usual xiao long bao (soup dumplings), har gow (shrimp dumplings), shu mai (shrimp & pork dumplings) and lo mai gai (sticky rice w/ meat wrapped in a lotus leaf). When the shu mai came out it was in an odd shape, quite bigger than normal. As I inspected the dumpling, it occurred to me that it was stuffed with sticky rice. I’ve never had this shu mai creation before. It was unexpected and delicious at the same time. Although, I would only eat one, compared to 2-3 of the “accustomed” shu mai that is bite size, I enjoyed it.

Dim Sum Garden
59 N 11th St
Philadelphia, PA 19176
(Market East: Neighborhood)


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